ACLS Algorithm: Adult Cardiac Arrest

This blog will give you a quick look at the most important ACLS algorithm.

One of the most important and most used algorithms is Adult Cardiac Arrest which makes it the most significant of all the ACLS algorithms. This particular algorithm is mostly used in order to treat the patients who present with sudden cardiac arrest.

Thus, it becomes really very important to master this ACLS algorithm.

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Before progressing further through the Cardiac Arrest Algorithm, one must conduct the BLS survey and CPR should also be initiated. This will help you determine whether the rhythm is shockable, will guide you down one of two possible paths in order to treat Asystole/ PEA (shockable) or VF/ pVT (shockable) respectively.


Refer the flowchart mentioned below to have an even more detailed, step-by-step description of the Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm:



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