AIIMS-PG June 2020: Exam Analysis

Amidst the COVID 19 menace, many aspirants fearlessly participated in the AIIMS exam that took place on 11th June 2020. Proper social distancing measures were taken in the majority of the examination centers to ensure the safety of the candidates.  

We have consolidated data from 4000+ students who took the AIIMS exam to help you understand how the exam was for the others. The data has been compiled from all the responses to present an accurate picture of the exam standard.

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Overall Difficulty

The exam was Moderate to Difficult

29.1% of the students said that the exam was Difficult

57% remarked that the exam was Moderate


Pattern of questions

  • Mostly questions were concepts based clinical scenarios; Easy questions with close and confusing options.
  • All the 200 exam questions were Single Best Answer Types.
  • There were 100 easy, 50 moderate and 50 difficult questions
  • There were 5-7 direct repeats.
  • Very few image-based questions were there and no video questions.
  • Pharma was tough and the question paper was full of emergency medicine like the acute abdomen and intestinal obstruction. A lot of entomology from micro and community medicine was there.


Subjects with low weightage

  • Anesthesia
  • ENT
  • Ophthalmology
  • Psychiatry


Subjects with high weightage

  • Medicine
  • OBG
  • Surgery
  • Pharmacology


How many questions did the students attempt?

No. of questions attempted

Percentage of candidates

< 130

3.8 %


12.7 %


24.1 %


39.2 %


20.3 %

The maximum no. of students found that the exam was easy to finish within 3 hours.

In our survey, 84.8% of students felt that the exam was easy to finish within 3 hours while 15.2% of students faced difficulty in completing the exam on time.


Here’s what the students have to say:




63% students surveyed said that PrepLadder’s All India AIIMS Championship exam helped them during the exam

Thank you for the kind words, we wish you a successful career.


We are delighted to share that many questions asked in the AIIMS exam were direct repeats from the PrepLadder app.

We’ll soon share the solved exam with a video explanation by The Dream Team soon.


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