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There have been a number of rumors about NEET PG 2017 exam since it will be conducted after a long break. Serious candidates are wasting a lot of time analyzing what is true and what is false. Here is an attempt by Team PrepLadder to bust all such rumors floating around based on what Mr. J. P. Nadda has said.

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Everything we know about NEET PG 2017 till now.

1. NEET Ordinance and PG exam relevance:

Union Minister of Health and family welfare, J.P. Nadda denied the allegations that the NEET ordinance was broadcasted to benefit the private colleges and deemed universities who make immense profit through donations.

Mr. Nadda strived to clear all the controversies on National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).

Nadda said that state governments have been allowed to conduct their respective entrance examinations for MBBS and BDS courses for NEET UG this year, but for NEET PG which will be conducted in December there will be no exemption from NEET neither for State Medical entrance nor for any Private college or Deemed university.

NEET PG will be conducted as per the rules of NEET PG.

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2. NEET and private colleges for MD:

He also added that all private medical institutions and deemed universities will come under scope of NEET. State governments will conduct their own state level examinations for under-graduate examinations. But in the PG examination even the state government medical institutes will come under NEET.

Nadda blamed the Opposition for misleading the people about NEET ordinance. He denied all the allegations about the ordinance that it was publicized to benefit the private colleges making huge profits through donations. Instead the ordinance has only given the order of Supreme Court a statutory backing.

Earlier Supreme Court passed a historic judgement, mandating the government for implementation of NEET from 2016, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. But later on May 20th, Central Government passed an ordinance to exempt state governments to conduct their state level medical entrance exams. This decision was formulated after a total of 15 state governments objected against NEET.


3. Latest Rumour about NEET PG 2017- Sorted!

Moreover, there is one more confusion regarding “Who will hold the NEET PG Entrance Examination?” Some say that AIIMS will conduct the NEET PG while others think that NBE will organize it.

There has been a rumor doing the rounds about an official notification which says that AIIMS would be conducting NEET PG this year and there will be 1/4 negative marking.

Do not trust on this rumor, there has been no official notification released about the conducting body of NEET PG exam. NBE conducted NEET PG 2013 and quite possible NBE will conduct NEET PG 2017 also.

There is no official notification on AIIMS, NBE or MCI website confirming the rumor so don’t bother about what others are saying.


We hope that some doubts and rumors are now sorted and you can get back to concentrating on your preparation. If you have any further doubts about the exam, feel free to contact us via the comments section below..

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