Asthma 2019 Guidelines by GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma)

Pharmacology expert, Dr. GobindRai Garg has come up with Asthma 2019 guidelines by GINA. It is one of the most important topics for NEET. It includes step-wise therapy for Asthma and will definitely prove helpful to you for the upcoming NEET exam.

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Step-wise Therapy

As needed SABA alone are not recommended now

Instead ‘as needed ICS + Formoterol’ is recommended for acute exacerbations


Primary Therapy



As needed Low dose ICS + Formoterol

As needed Low dose ICS + SABA


Daily Low dose ICS


Step 3

Daily Low dose ICS + LABA

· Medium dose ICS or

· Low dose ICS + LTRA

Step 4

Daily Medium dose ICS +LABA

High dose ICS or

Add on: Tiotropium or LTRA

Step 5

Daily Medium dose ICS +LABA+/-
Add on

· Tiotropium or

· Biologicals like Omalizumab, Reslizumab, Mepolizumab, Dupilumab

Add low dose OCS


Full Forms

ICS- Inhaled Corticosteroids

LTRA- Leukotriene receptor antagonists

LABA- Long-acting beta 2 agonist

SABA- Short-acting beta 2 agonist


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