Best Books for FMGE 2018

Best Books for FMGE 2017

The biggest dilemma in mind of an FMGE aspirant is that which books he/she should refer for preparation.

Are you facing this problem too?

Then go through this article to resolve all your queries!


Aspirants preparing for FMGE often land into a tough spot since they are unable to identify the best books and the correct preparation strategy for FMGE.

Candidates often waste a lot of precious time referring to several different books for every single subject. This gives birth to dilemma since different authors use a different approach to describe the same topic.

Some books even carry incorrect information which can haunt you during your preparation.

Moreover, referring to different books consumes a lot of valuable time where every single minute is precious.

You must refer to experts’ recommended books while preparing for FMGE..

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Strategy and Focus Areas

As per our experts’, candidates must focus on preparing the concepts thoroughly and should be well-versed with facts.

Candidates must also be well-versed with image-based questions since they carry high weight age in FMGE.

These questions are generally basic in nature and therefore, the students must understand and prepare each and every concept with the help of an image.

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Recommended Books for FMGE

A. Pre-Clinical Subjects

S.NO.  Subject Recommended Books
1. Microbiology & Forensics

Jain/Chaurasia or Arora

Book by Dr. Vikas

2. Physiology & Pathology Review of Pathology by ‘Dr. Govind Garg & Dr. Sparsh Gupta’
 3. Pharmacology Review of Pharmacology by ‘Dr. Govind Garg & Dr. Sparsh Gupta’
4. Biochemistry Satyanarayan
5. Anatomy ACROSS Book


B. Clinical Subjects

 S. No. Subject Name Recommended Books
1. Medicine Mudit Khanna MCQ Internal medicine
2. Surgery

Amit Tripathi and Ashish Gupta

Rachna Chaurasia / Arora

3. PSM Review for PSM by ‘Vivek Jain’
4. Ophthalmology ‘Dr. Ruchi Rai’ for Ophthalmology
5. Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Review Book by ‘Dr. Sakshi Arora”

Review Book by Harmeet Goyal

6. Paediatrics

Jitendra Talekar

Notes by ‘Dr. Marwah’

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C. Short Subjects

 S. No. Subject Name Recommended Books
1. Skin ACROSS Book
2. Anesthesia  ACROSS Book
3. Radiology PROAFS
4. Orthopedics  PROAFS

In the above table, we have mentioned the books which are best for the preparation of FMGE.

These books have been considered as the gold standard for FMGE preparation by both toppers and experts.


For any other assistance regarding FMGE preparation, post your queries below.

Best wishes!

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