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  • FMG Exam Postponed

    News Alert! FMGE 2022 Postponed: Know More

    Nov 16 , 2022 Kashika Walia
    Kashika Walia

    While you are cooped up in your study room for FMG exam preparations, NBEMS announced the postponement of the exam. Yes, that’s correct! The FMG exam, which was scheduled to be conducted on December 4, ... Read More

  • FMG exam

    How to Ace the FMG Exam: 30-Day Revision Strategy 

    Nov 04 , 2022 Kashika Walia
    Kashika Walia

    The FMG exam is a challenging obstacle for any medical graduate. Without qualifying for this exam, a foreign medical graduate cannot be eligible to practice medicine in India. The screening exam tests the knowledge gained during graduation and clarity of all fundamental concepts and their application.  ... Read More

  • Dream-Team-2.0-FAQs

    Dream Team 2.0- Frequently Asked Questions

    Nov 04 , 2022 PrepLadder

    Dear students, we understand that the announcement of new faculties on PrepLadder for the next academic session has confused you regarding your existing subscription and its validity. To clear up your confusion, we've created these FAQs to help with some of your queries. We hope this will answer most of your questions. ... Read More