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  • World Air Quality Report

    World Air Quality Report- UPSC Current Affairs

    Mar 26 , 2022 PrepLadder UPSC
    PrepLadder UPSC

    In today's series of our Current Affairs Dialog box, we will discuss World Air Quality Report and its relevance from the UPSC CSE syllabus. The topic should be studied thoroughly during the UPSC exam prepa... Read More

  • An Insight into Life of UPSC Ex-Chairman & Ex-IAS Officer Deepak Gupta

    An Insight Into Life of UPSC Ex-Chairman & Ex-IAS Officer, Deepak Gupta

    Mar 16 , 2022 Raminder Singh
    Raminder Singh

    Content Manager and an Avid Reader!

    The IAS officer is expected to be a competent administrator, a speedy decision-maker, a constructive thinker, a crisis manager, a public relations expert, a humanitarian employer, and an optimistic leader. To this others have added, reducer of human inequality, alleviation of poverty, agent of human development, guardian of human... Read More

  • PrepLadder JEE Revision Treasures

    PrepLadder JEE Treasures Are Here To Boost Your Revision!

    Dec 24 , 2021 Pooja Kapoor
    Pooja Kapoor

    Content Writer & a Passionate Traveller

    JEE Mains and Advanced entrance exams will open your door to your dream engineering colleges, and thus there is no room for compromise as JEE entrance exams are around the corner. And most reliable JEE study resources will enable you to stand out from the crowd. As you know, there ... Read More