Effective Habits for Clearing FMGE

Clearing the FMGE is no mean feat and a great degree of strenuous effort needs to be put in to qualify the tough FMGE exam. Every Doctor goes through a difficult phase when it comes to qualifying FMGE.

There will be lots of ups and downs through the preparation and at times, there will be doubts of absolute hopelessness. This blog will familiarize you with the Effective Habits which when incorporated in the daily routine will help you qualify the tough ‘FMGE’ exam.


Effective Habits for Qualifying FMGE

We will now list down the Effective Habits which will help you sail through the ‘FMGE’ exam


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1. Follow a ‘Selective Preparation Approach’ 

Studying the Entire syllabus is not a smart tactic since you are required to only develop familiarity with the basics of Topics and concepts and not delve into details. Therefore, a ‘Selective Approach’ serves most effective when it comes to qualifying the tough ‘FMGE’ exam.


2. Give away the Casual Attitude

Casual Attitude towards preparation cannot serve helpful since it is vital to maintain consistency and regularity to be able to qualify the FMGE. Therefore, avoid having the attitude of ‘Studying for 1-2 hours’ here and there without any regular routine. Maintain consistency in preparation and give away the casual approach.


3. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a habit which must be avoided in case you seriously desire to qualify FMGE. Repetitive procrastination will place you in trouble since you will be left with large amounts of syllabus to complete in the final few weeks prior to the exam and this will invite undue anxiety and stress. Avoid placing yourself in such stressful situation by avoiding procrastination.


4. Remain Tuned to Discussion Forums, Groups & Blogs on Social Media

Discussion Forums and Groups on Social Media post very useful shortcuts, tricks, information and updates which can serve very useful in your preparation for FMGE. Discussion Forums and Groups familiarize you with new questions, motivational blogs and exam-related updates which can serve really beneficial in boosting your preparation.


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5. Build a Study Plan & Distribute Time Effectively between Different Activities

A study plan is vital to extract output on a routine basis. Maintain a check list of items to be covered in a day and keep on marking items on the list as you complete each item. Further, it is important to distribute time effectively between different activities. For instance, dedicate 7-8 hours to preparation, 2-3 hours to practice and 1-2 hours to Revision. This method of distributing time between the different activities will help to extract the maximum output from the daily routine.


6. Test Yourself Frequently

Testing yourself frequently is imperative to enhance your performance as each day passes. Take Online Mock Tests routinely and review your performance after each Test. Attempting Mock Tests regularly will help familiarize you with your Strengths and Weaknesses and the areas where improvement is required. It will also help you improve Time Management skills and Accuracy with each attempt and subsequently facilitate performance improvement.

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7. Solve Previous Year Papers 

Make it a point to solve previous papers of FMGE with explanations. This activity will familiarize you with the type of questions anticipated in the exam and the anticipated difficulty level. Also the chances of getting repeats are high. Therefore, make it a point to prepare previous papers with explanations.


8. Attain Conceptual Clarity

Getting a grip over your basic concepts or attaining conceptual clarity is of utmost importance since very few direct questions are asked in the exam. Getting a grip over the concepts will help you solve the trickiest of questions. Therefore, focus on attaining conceptual clarity.


More Updates on FMGE Preparation will follow.

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