FMGE June 2018: Exam Analysis

Many candidates who took FMGE June 2018 exam reviewed it as moderately difficult.  We collected information from around 4000 candidates who took FMGE Exam on 29th June 2018 to help you understand how the exam was for others.

We have tried to consolidate the data from all the responses and give an accurate picture of the exam standard.

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Overall Difficulty

According to the reviews received from most of the candidates, the exam was moderate in difficulty.

79.2% respondents rated it as moderate, 8.3% candidates rated it as easy while 12.5% rated it as difficult.


Pattern of Questions

Questions were usually concept based and one-liners.

10-15 questions were image based.

Part 1 had more direct repeats compared to Part 2.

Difficult questions were usually framed as “Easy questions with confusing options”.

According to most respondents, 150 questions were easy, 100 were practical and moderate, while 50 were tricky.


High weightage Subjects

OBGYN, Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology and Anatomy had the highest weightage.


Low weightage subjects

Psychiatry and Biochemistry had low weightage. 


Almost everybody surveyed thought that the exam was easy to finish within allotted time and almost everybody attempted all 300 questions.


A staggering 87.5% students surveyed said that PrepLadder’s All India FMGE Mock by Dr. Deepak Marwah helped them during the exam.

Some comments received:

Thank you for the kind words, we wish you a successful career.


We’re also proud to announce that a lot of questions were direct repeats from PrepLadder question bank. We will release the FMGE exam with detailed solutions in a few days for you all to practice.

Any more views about the exam? Leave a comment below.

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