FMGE MARATHON 2017 - Complete Pack Schedule


The difficulty level of FMGE is escalating day after day. Every FMGE aspirants hanker for a desired score while attempting FMGE.



Therefore, you have to scale the height of your study in a smarter way to achieve your goal. PrepLadder has taken a leap forward with a view to keep your preparation at top notch level by launching FMGE MARATHON Pack – 2017.

You never miss a test with PrepLadder.

Take any live test as per your convenience and study schedule accordingly. All tests will be valid till May 2018.

The schedule of live test is assembled in the table underneath. Moreover, you can take tests whenever you need.


Detailed schedule of FMGE MARATHON pack is as follows :


Sl. No.

Test name

Launching Date


Grand Test 1 to 10

15th July, 2017


Grand Test 11 to 15

29th July, 2017


Grand Test 16 to 20

12th August, 2017


Grand Test 21 to 25

26th August, 2017


Grand Test 26  to 30

9th September, 2017


Grand Test 31 to 35

23rd September, 2017


Grand Test 36 to 40

7th October, 2017


 Traits of FMGE MARATHON pack-2017 : 

  • Questions prepared by subject experts on expected exam pattern.
  • Testing software that looks exactly like real FMGE.
  • Artificial Intelligence which will also introduce you with your weak topics and you will be able to prepare consequently.
  • All doubts answered by experienced faculty within 24 working hours.
  • Get personal mentorship from recent FMGE toppers.
  • Only test series with real Psychometric Analysis.
  • Get expected rank in Real FMGE.
  • Detailed solutions.
  • Observe your improvement level with helpful analytics.


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