How to Attempt MCQs in FMGE

FMG exam is merely a few weeks away.

While you must be putting in all your efforts in FMGE preparation, you must also learn some shortcuts and tricks to Approach MCQs in the exam.In this post, we will share some Effective Tips and Strategies on how to attempt MCQs in the FMG exam.

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Effective Tips & Strategies to Attempt MCQs in FMGE

Here are some effective tips to approach MCQs in FMGE:

1.Maintain a Uniform Pace Throughout

This is the technique which will provide you a pleasant start in the examination. Keep your mind in a cool and composed state after you enter the examination hall.

Keep your mind in a pleasant and relaxed state prior to actually start attempting the exam.This will help you to commence the exam in an accelerated state of mind.

Try to maintain a uniform pace throughout the exam.This will help in maintaining your energy level and also help to keep your mind stable and free from anxiety.

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2.Pay attention to keywords

You must look for keywords in the questions since they will immensely help in narrowing down the meaning and help in arriving at the correct solutions at a faster pace.

Therefore, lay special emphasis to keywords.

3.Avoid Jumping to Conclusions

Thoroughly going through the questions is highly vital. Do not jump to conclusions without carefully going through the question.

Read each and every word of the question carefully since the answer could vary with a very slight misinterpretation of the question.

Remember that the examiner sets the trap for the candidates by adding options which are very close.

Often candidates end up answering incorrectly if they miss out on even a single word in the question.

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4.Tackling ‘All of the above’ option

You have to be extra cautious in responding to questions wherein ‘All of the above’ is provided as an option.

In such cases, you need to figure out whether two or more options are correct and in such event, mark ‘All of the Above’ as the answer.

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5.Refrain from Blind Guesswork

Refrain from using Blind Guesswork for questions wherein you are not sure about the answers.

Since there is No Negative Marking in FMGE, you can attempt the unknown questions as well.

However, to use this to your advantage, you must answer the unknown questions using Intelligent Guesswork.

First, you must try to eliminate the alternatives which seem completely irrelevant or out of chance.Then, you must try to arrive at the correct solution by analyzing which of the remaining options most appropriately satisfies the question conditions.

6.Never try to Solve all questions in one go

In an MCQ based exam, it is pointless to scan the entire question paper. Instead, you must directly start attempting easier questions at the beginning.

Make it a point not to get stuck on lengthy and complex questions. Strive to attempt questions which you find easy and are assured of being correct at the beginning.

Advance to the difficult and complex questions at a later stage after attempting all the easier questions.

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