How to recall maximum of what you study for FMGE

recallThe biggest problem with FMGE aspirants is forgetting the syllabus they’ve already studied. And when they set out to revise, they have to study the whole topic again.

With such big syllabus to study for FMGE, you’re bound to forget some parts. But you can use these techniques to increase your memory power and retain the dominant share of the learnings forever.

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Mode of Learning

Method of learning has massive influence on brains ability of holding on to the things learnt. Here are some stats on percentage of stuff retained in various modes of studying.

90% is retained when you teach someone else or use immediately.
75% is retained when you practice in a simulated environment.
50% is retained when you engage in a group discussion.
30% is retained when you see a demonstration.
20% is retained when you learn from audio-visual.
10% is retained when you read.
5% is retained from the lectures.

From the above given stats it clear that you learn maximum when you teach someone or you implement what you have learnt. When you teach or implement, you face endless obstacles and failures in explaining the topic which you have to solve on your own by going through the topic again which helps in clarifying the topic and saving it in your memory for long and similarly is the case while implementing the things learnt.

After this comes the practice. Practicing in a simulated environment helps you retain 75% of what you’ve studied. You can practice on PrepLadder’s FMGE test series that uses the same software as real exam and simulates exam like experience.

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Then comes the group discussion which works on somewhat related principle of clearing doubts through discussion.

While in the cases of attending lectures and reading, only minor proportion is retained in the memory. This is because of the resistance that our body offers in the form of laziness and restlessness.

Hence stick to the best modes of learning and retain the dominant share of everything that you study.

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First tip for increasing the memory capacity is by taking rich diet. There are several fruits and vegies that you can eat on rotation.

Eat veggies. Eating vegies in a your regular diet gives you an immense boost in memory retention capacity, especially cruciferous vegetables including dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli and cabbage, helps in improving memory. Take raw salad which has excellent memory boosting nutrients.

Eat lots and lots of berries and cherries as these are a rich source of anthocyanins and other flavonoids that are good for brain.

Get adequate Dry Fruits. Walnuts and almonds are very well known for a positive impact on heart ,health and memory.

Getting Ample amount of rest

It is known that getting ample amount of rest and sleep helps in retaining maximum of everything that transpires with you throughout the day. Spare some time from your busy schedule to take a break and rest and meet the positive results yourself.

Meditation and Exercise

Meditation and exercises help you cure all your troubles including your memory capacity. Staying fit also keep you energetic and motivated while you study for long hours.Use these tricks to retain maximum while you study and make your revision much easier.

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Hope these tips prove helpful for you in FMGE

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