Important topics in FMT for NEET-PG by Dr. J Magendran

Forensic Medicine is among the easy short subjects and practically contains all facts. The factual nature of this subject demands frequent revision for longer retention.

As per the recent Subject-wise MCQ distribution in NEET-PG, around 10 questions are expected from this subject, thereby making it one of the easiest and high-yielding subjects.

With a view to make your preparation more effective, we approached the famous faculty of FMT, Dr. J Magendran to cast some light on the important topics in Forensic Medicine which will be useful for upcoming Medical PG entrance examinations.

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Important & High-yielding topics in FMT



Forensic Thanatology

· Suspended animation

Postmortem changes

· Eye changes

· Pattern of Algor mortis

· Post mortem caloricity 

· Livor mortis & distribution

· Livor mortis & poisoning

· Rules in Rigor mortis & distribution of rigor mortis

· Changes in Decomposition


· Techniques of organ dissection

· Methods of individual organ dissection

Human identification

· Race determination indicators from bone & teeth

· Sex determination of bones (skull & pelvis)

· Indices for sex determination from bones

· Dentition – Ages estimation methods

· Other techniques for identification like dactylography, poroscopy, rugoscopy


Asphyxial deaths

· PM findings in Hanging, Strangulation

· Hyoid fractures

· Various terms (methods) in strangulation

· Types of drowning

· PM findings in drowning  (specific findings &non specific findings)

Forensic traumatology

· Ageing of abrasion, contusion

· Stab injury

· Hesitational, defence & fabricated injuries

· Skull fractures

· Various types of gunpowder

· Atypical bullets

Forensic toxicology

· Legal duties of a doctor in poisoning

· Diagnosis of poisoning during autopsy (from hypostasis, smell, appearances of organs)

· Metallic poisons

· Cardiac poisons

· Delirients

· Insecticide poisoning

· Snake bite envenomation

· Plant irritants

Sexual jurisprudence

· Rape – examination of accused & victim

· Associated Legal sections

· Tests

· Various terms in sexual perversions

· Recent signs of delivery

· Tests for live birth

Forensic Psychiatry

· Various rules for criminal responsibility of insane person

· Civil responsibilities of insane person

Legal procedures & law


· Powers of criminal courts

·Recording of evidence in the court of law& relevant sections

·Infamous conduct

· Declarations

· Various doctrines involved in medical negligence


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As per the request of hundreds of students, Dr. J Magendran has come out with a revision module for forensic medicine – NEET 2019.

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Mini test topic


Day 1

Forensic Thanatology            


Day 2

Human identification


Day 3

Asphyxial deaths


Day 4

Forensic Traumatology


Day 5

Forensic Toxicology


Day 6

Sexual jurisprudence


Day 7

Forensic Psychiatry


Day 8

Legal procedure  & medical ethics


Day 9

Image based session


Day 10

Legal sections relevant for medical practice


Day 11

Grand test

Entire Revision module available only in the app (FMT by Dr. Magendran) & will be free for all users in the scheduled time-interval.


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