Let's Keep Going! Exam Might be Delayed but Preparation Needs to Continue.


Plan of Action

The 2021 NEET PG Might be Delayed but the Preparation & Practice Needs to Continue. 

Instead of delving into the problems, let’s focus on solutions and what can be done. Here’s how we plan to help you keep going:

1. Exclusive PrepLadder Let’s Keep Going Tests

It’s best to use this additional time to practice and prepare as much as possible for the exam day. So, we’ve planned a series of 15 Free All India Tests for all our Dreamers over the next 6 weeks.

Given below is the schedule for the same.


Subjects/Topics Covered

Test Type

21 April, 21

Pathology Slides 

Mini Test

23 April, 21


NEET Championship Exam

26 April, 21

Microbiology Slides

Mini Test

28 April, 21


INICET Championship Exam

30 April, 21

Radiology Images

Mini Test

3 May, 21


Mini Test

7 May, 21


NEET Championship Exam

10 May, 21


Mini Test

12 May, 21


NEET Championship Exam

14 May, 21

Recent Updates

Mini Test

17 May, 21


Mini Test

21 May, 21


NEET Championship Exam

24 May, 21

Investigation of Choice

Mini Test-8

26 May, 21


INI-CET Championship Exam

28 May, 21


Mini Test

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2. Exclusive YT Premieres

Our Dream Team would conduct some exclusive high yield sessions on YouTube to discuss important topics. These sessions would premiere on our YouTube channel and will be available to all. Additionally, the faculty will be available for live chat during the premieres. The calendar for these is as follows:


22nd April


24th April


27th April


29th April

More Subjects to Follow in May.

3. Free Access to QBank 3.0 

We’ll make some subjects’ QBank free on the app each day between 7th May to 21st May. The calendar for the same is listed below. Plus, this will be QBank 3.0, with some amazing new features. It’s as good as it gets. So, make the most of it.



7th May


8th May


9th May 

FMT, Physiology

10th May


11th May


12th May


13th May

ENT, Pediatrics

14th May


15th May

Anesthesia, Radiology

16th May 


17th May 

Microbiology, Dermatology

18th May

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

19th May


20th May


21st May 


4. Rapid Revision Premiere

On 9th May 2021, we’ll premiere the complete Rapid Revision Video for Psychiatry by Dr. Praveen Tripathi free on our YouTube channel. This will be available from 6 pm to 11 pm. So, make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube Channel.

5. 4 Month Subscriptions

Looking at the current situation and the prevailing uncertainty, we’ve also introduced a 4 Month Subscription model for the 2021 Dream Pack. This is available for a limited period and comes with an option to claim a pro-rata refund*. Click here to know more

Apart from all the measures listed above, we plan to use our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to help you practice and prepare. So, you’ll find a lot of high yield clinical questions and IBQs for practice on our social media channels in the coming days.

John Daly said, “In life, you have got to make the best of every situation; you have to keep going.”

So, Let’s keep going and make the most out of this situation.

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