NEET SS 2021- Exam Analysis

NEET SS 2021- Exam Analysis

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducted the National Eligibility Entrance Test Super Speciality (NEET SS) exam yesterday on January 10th, 2022. 

Thousands of candidates appeared in the exam for admissions to various DM/M.Ch/DNB, Post Doctoral Fellowship courses. Candidates left no stone unturned during their NEET SS preparation and gave the exam to their best capability. While some students found the exam difficult, for some, it was easy.

To better understand the overall difficulty level and other aspects of the NEET SS 2021 exam, we got in touch with some of the doctors who took the exam, conducted a survey, and compiled their responses to help you in the best way possible.

NEET SS 2021 Exam Analysis

The Overall Difficulty of the Exam

54.8% of candidates found the exam to be Moderate.

41.9% felt the exam was difficult. 

Whereas only 3% of candidates felt the exam was easy. 

General Pattern of the Questions

As per the survey and exam analysis:

58.1% of questions were clinical.

36.6% were concepts based. 

And 5.4% were One-Liners. 

What did the candidates say about the questions?

Number of Questions Attempted by the Candidates

There were 100 questions in total. As per the survey, most students (90.3%) attempted 70-100 questions, 8.6% attempted 40-70 questions, and 1.1% attempted less than ten questions. 

Time Allotted

Time and its management play an essential role while writing any competitive exam. We asked the NEET SS aspirants if the allotted to complete the test was enough or not! 

And we got this in our answers. 55.9% of the students stated that the time given was sufficient, and they could finish the test in the stipulated time. 

Whereas, 44.1% of the students felt that the time allotted was insufficient to complete the test.

Difficulty Level of the Questions

As far as the difficulty level of the questions is concerned, as per the survey, 49.5 % of the candidates found the clinical scenarios difficult. 

45.2% of the candidates felt that the questions were easy but had confusing options to choose the answer from. 

5.4% of the candidates stated that they came across one-liner questions that they had never heard before.  

Specific Strategies Employed by Some Students

Change in the NEET SS Exam Pattern. Simpler or Harder?

71% of the candidates found the change in the NEET SS exam pattern harder, whereas 29% of the candidates found the new NEET SS exam pattern more straightforward.

Social Distancing

A unanimous response of students that Social distancing and all the other safety protocols were followed at the examination centres. 

Overall Exam Experience

We take pride in our DREAM TEAM and the conceptual and engaging video lectures we prepare for our students. From the survey conducted, we learned that many questions were direct repeats from the PrepLadder videos. 67% of the candidates stated that they benefitted from the NEET SS MockTest by PrepLadder.

This motivates us to raise the bar and introduce more unique ways to streamline your NEET SS preparation. We will soon come up with the NEET SS 2021 recall videos. Stay tuned!

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