Philips Lumify- A boon for the world, a worry for India


What is Philips Lumify?

Philips has unveiled a new ultrasound system that uses your own smart phone as the display and interface. Royal Philips in the November 2015 announced that Lumify, a smart device ultrasound solution, is available for purchase by the licensed healthcare providers or organizations in the U.S. The Philips Lumify looks just like a typical transducer, but it has a micro-USB plug on the far end.

To use the Lumify, you can simply download the Lumify app onto a compatible Android tablet, plug in the transducer into the micro-USB socket, and you’ve got yourself a proper ultrasound system. Philips’ advanced transducer technology, paired with cloud-enabled and tablet technology, helps users make fast, informed diagnoses through a variety of scan types. Lumify’s scanning app allows users to examine the gall bladder, abdomen and lungs, in addition to having ob-gyn, vascular, superficial, musculoskeletal and soft tissue functionality. 

India’s Present Situation

The condition of Indian Medical healthcare centres is not so good due to lack of advanced technology and proper equipment especially in the rural areas. Patients from these areas have to be transferred to urban hospitals for ultrasound facilities, even in cases where treatment is required urgently.

On the other hand female foeticide is rampant in India and the sex ratio is at an alarming situation. In many states like Haryana, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir the cases of pre natal sex determination leading to female foeticide is high. Though Indian government has banned pre natal sex determination but the practice is still carried out by a lot of clinicians.

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Should Philips Lumify be launched in India?

Do you think this device should make its way to India?

Doctors and medical centres in India are often poorly funded and even more poorly equipped. Launching of this invention will improve the health care in India by making the ultrasound scans easier and cheaper. It will also make it easier for pregnant women to have basic healthcare and check up, which could dramatically reduce infant mortality. But it might also result in increased number of Pre natal sex determination and female foeticide.


Philips Lumify is an invention of great importance which will be very useful for making healthcare affordable. Even though it’s celebrated around the world for that, India should be worried for its daughters when it’s launched here.


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