Story of a successful FMGE Candidate in his own words

Story of a successful FMGE Candidate in his own words 

In this article, Dr. Shantanu, a successful candidate in FMGE June 2016 shares his story and his secrets to success.

He was a mediocre during his MBBS days like most of candidates who appear for FMGE. The only difference was his determination to clear the exam.

Here’s Dr. Shantanu narrating his own story.

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My name is Shantanu Malohtra. I hail from Gujarat.  I pursued my MBBS from Russia. In this article, I will share my journey of qualifying FMGE.

And the Story Begins……..

I attempted FMGE exam twice and qualified it in June 2016.

I first appeared in FMGE in December 2015. At the beginning of my preparation for the December 2015 session, I was totally unaware of the exam pattern like most of the foreign graduates.

Most of my seniors suggested me to join coaching but after analysing the trend of FMGE, results and pass percentage, I realized that most of the graduates fail despite coaching. Moreover, I figured out that the pass percentage is below 10% every year despite people taking good coaching. Therefore, I decided to follow my own schedule and commenced my preparation in October 2015.

After 2 months of preparation, the exam day arrived. I was not very confident since I got limited time and had not prepared thoroughly. My exam went okay but I wasn’t expecting to qualify this time. Eventually, the result was declared and I had secured 107 marks.

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From then onwards, I commenced my preparation for the June session with complete focus and also figured out the mistakes committed in the earlier phase of preparation.


Journey of June 2016 Preparation

I commenced my preparation from January. I first figured out my weak subjects and planned the order of preparation.

I am listing the order in which I prepared the subjects along with the books which I followed.

You do not need to follow the same order as I did. Just make sure you do your strong subjects first and get over with them quickly.

Order of Preparation

Books Followed


PSM by Deepak Mishra


Dr. Ruchi Rai



Radio-Diagnostic & Radio Therapy









Review of Pediatrics by Yogesh Gulati


Ashish Gupta and Amit Tripathi

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Sakshi Arora


Self Assessment & Review of Medicine by Mudit Khanna

Forensic Medicine



Review of Pathology by Arvind Arora


Review of Pharmacology by Yogesh Gulati


Review of Microbiology by Arvind Arora







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I prepared each subject one at a time and also simultaneously solved a large number of MCQs. This helped me attain a grip over the application of concepts.

Further, I also took short notes of all the important concepts, formulas and shortcuts throughout the preparation. This greatly eased my revision in the end.

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After completing my preparation, I enrolled in an Online Test series in the last two months. I attempted a large number of subject-wise tests and full-length tests.

I worked on my time management skills and worked on accuracy as well. I assessed my performance after each mock test and tried to minimize my mistakes with each attempt.

I strived to reduce the time I spent per question with each successive attempt.

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During the last one month, I attempted 2-3 mock tests each day. Further, I spent ample time to revising all the subjects.

I particularly spent more time in revising subjects such as Medicine, PSM, Surgery and Gynae Obs since these subjects carry a lot of weight age in the exam.

Eventually, my FMGE exam went good, I managed to secure 158 marks.

I have now received my provisional registration with MCI and I’m applying for internship. I’m also preparing for DNB July 2017 session. Clearing this one exam has opened unlimited opportunities for me.

If the above mentioned plan worked for me, it will work for you too, just work hard, work smart and don’t give up

All the Best!

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