Study Plan For FMGE

Effective Study Plan for FMGE

Before going through the study plan for FMGE, you should know why the Medical Council of India Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (MCI FMGE) is mandatory?

Every year thousands of candidates go abroad to pursue their medical education. According to a study, only 21.3% of students who have appeared for the FMGE screening test in December 2020 have passed.

Several aspiring medical students take admission to foreign medical colleges due to India’s high aspirants-medical seat ratio. But, if any medical student wants to continue their practice in India after completing their medical degree from a foreign land, then they need to crack the FMGE. It is conducted twice a year: June and December. A candidate has unlimited no. of attempts to clear this exam. 

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Effective Study Plan for FMGE

Over the past years, the complexity level in the FMGE has risen considerably. Since there is no room for blunders at this stage, students must prepare with high intensity and hard work to pass this exam. A feasible study plan will yield results for you. Here are a few tips for the study plan for FMGE. These tips will help the students who are aiming to crack FMGE.

1. Prepare Timetable

Are you preparing for FMGE without a timetable? Then, you are going nowhere! Divide the entire FMGE syllabus and design a timetable accordingly. Stick to the timetable, if some topics are still left out, you can allot the last few days to cover such topics. Also, allot time for daily and weekly revision.

2. Master the Syllabus

You must cover the entire syllabus. Avoid preparation of any particular subject rather allocate equal time and stress to all the subjects. Don’t follow shortcut methods like focusing on certain topics or subjects and neglecting others because you have only limited attempts, so you can not afford to take such a risk. 

3. Make Notes

A great FMGE study plan is incomplete without notes. To prepare better for the exam, you must develop the habit of making notes. It will serve as a quick reference guide for you while revising. When preparation reaches its peak, students usually do not get enough time to go through the complete syllabus.

Making notes will also facilitate better and faster retention time with a great memory.

4. Work on Your Weak Areas

Most of the candidates focus only on their strong areas leaving behind the tough and uninteresting topics for the last moment.

It greatly impacts your overall performance and score. Recognize your weaker areas, dedicate an ample amount of time to focus on them. 

Remember, you cannot afford to leave topics because every mark counts in the end!

5. Revise Religiously

Revising the chapters or topics at regular intervals ensures that the information will be retained longer. Since a large volume of information is processed, try to revise the important topics once or twice daily. Frame your study plan in such a way that you have sufficient time for completing a minimum of one round of revision.

6. Practice MCQs

No matter how well-prepared you are, accuracy and speed also determine your success in FMGE. You need to attempt a variety of MCQs on every topic as it will help you identify your areas that need attention. Moreover, practising previous years’ question papers will enhance your speed and efficiency. 

7. Attempt Mock Tests

Mock tests are a great way to evaluate where you stand in terms of preparation and your study plan. Attempting mock tests with a designated time will help you identify the areas of improvement. You can also check your performance after attempting the mock test series as it will provide real-time feedback on your test-taking capabilities under limited time constraints. You can practice PrepLadder’s free tests here.

8. Practice Visual Learning

The human brain remembers 75% of what is visualized! Thus to retain the information accurately for longer duration use figures, images, flowcharts and videos are worthwhile, particularly in subjects like anatomy and physiology. Whenever you will encounter the related questions, these images will immediately flash in your mind. So, incorporate visual learning into your study routine.

Nothing is impossible if framed strategically. Utilize your time properly, create a good study plan and follow it religiously. 

Give equal importance to each subject and study hard. Also, give more or less time to the topic depending on your weakness and strength.

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