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  • migration

    Migration: Types, Causes and Consequences- NCERT Notes UPSC

    Mar 29 , 2022 PrepLadder UPSC
    PrepLadder UPSC

    Migration has been an integral part and a very important factor in redistributing population over time and space. The history of India is a history of waves of migrants coming and settling one after another in different parts of the country.  Read this article to get detailed ... Read More

  • UPSC Exam Preparation

    How to Prepare for Science and Technology?

    Mar 22 , 2022 PrepLadder UPSC
    PrepLadder UPSC

    With the fast change in the pattern of UPSC Prelims and Mains examination and the availability of a plethora of resources for UPSC by different coaching institutes and individual YouTube channels, it becomes more important to know what has to be studied in the ... Read More