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  • 5 MBA Myths Busted

    5 MBA Myths Busted

    May 24 , 2022 Arindam Goswami
    Arindam Goswami

    Do you turn thrice when a black cat crosses the road in front of you? Do you believe that Goddess Lakhsmi will send you her blessings when your left palm starts to itch?  You can believe in these myths if you want to. They will not interfere with your preparation. On the other... Read More

  • Debunk the myths about CAT preparation with PrepLadder

    Busting Myths About CAT & Online CAT Preparation

    Aug 06 , 2021 Ridhima Arora
    Ridhima Arora

    Content Writer, Poet & a Dentist

    The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most popular and competitive entrance exams conducted in India. With millions of aspirants from all parts of the nation aiming at cracking it and getting into an IIM, it is only natural that a lot is said and written about this exam. While some of the things you hear and read about the CA... Read More