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  • CAT Preparation Tips / PrepLadder CAT

    Ultimate Guide For Your CAT Preparation

    Jul 30 , 2021 PrepLadder

    Before you start making your CAT preparation plan, you are given many suggestions, and you are handed over a list of dos and don’ts. However, you have to remember that every CAT aspirant has a journey of their own. While it is good to seek help from the experts, you must keep into consideration the factors that influence your journ... Read More

  • CAT Preparation tips for Beginners/ PrepLadder CAT

    CAT 2021- CAT Preparation Tips for Beginners

    Jul 28 , 2021 PrepLadder

    As a beginner, you may feel apprehensive about initiating your CAT preparation journey, assuming that most of your competitors know everything about the exam. However, the majority of the candidates appearing for the CAT are beginners. While you are not the o... Read More

  • The best way to nail the CAT preparation

    The best way to prepare for CAT

    Jul 23 , 2021 PrepLadder

    The only way to convert your goal into a reality is to initiate the journey that ensures the same and then, does whatever it takes to make it a rewarding one. If an IIM happens to be on the list of your big goals, then the journey is all about acing the CAT preparation. The ... Read More