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  • How To Analyze The PYQ’s (2017-2020) In The LRDI Section?

    How To Analyze The PYQ’s (2017-2020) In The LRDI Section?

    Nov 11 , 2021 Liven

    As the date of the Common Admission Test (CAT) draws nearer, the doorway to top business schools in India, it is natural to feel anxiety and worry about it. However, by analyzing the previous year questions during one’s CAT Exam preparation... Read More

  • Stress Management Tips / CAT preparation/ PrepLadder CAT

    Stress Management during CAT preparation

    Aug 13 , 2021 Ridhima Arora
    Ridhima Arora

    Content Writer, Poet & a Dentist

    'Stress' knows how to chase down a CAT aspirant and effortlessly attack their peace of mind. With a significant increase in the urge to have a lucrative career, clearing the CAT has become more challenging than ever before. It consequently paves the way for anxiety and inevitable restlessness. This further has a momentous impact on y... Read More