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  • Sovereign Green Bonds

    Sovereign Green Bonds

    Feb 13 , 2022 PrepLadder UPSC
    PrepLadder UPSC

    Today’s story in focus is Sovereign Green Bonds. Understand what they are, their relation with World Bank and accordingly align your UPSC exam preparation. Green Bonds were in the news recently. ... Read More

  • Environment & Ecology Preparation

    Preparation Plan For Environment & Ecology- UPSC Prelims

    Sep 09 , 2021 Raminder Singh
    Raminder Singh

    Content Manager and an Avid Reader!

    If there is one thing at the national and international level that has always remained in the limelight, it is the Environment. Environmental issues such as Global Warming, Climate Change, Pollution, Deforestation, Ocean Acidification etc., are always the major headlines in the News. These issues are impacting our lives in one way or... Read More