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  • INI SS

    Last-Minute Tips to Boost INI SS Exam Preparation 

    Oct 28 , 2022 Kashika Walia
    Kashika Walia

    The INI SS 2023 exam is scheduled to be held on 6th November. Now that exam is just days away, it’s time for the final touchdown. To help you cross the finish line, we have developed some effective last-minute tips to boost your exam preparation.   This... Read More

  • FMGE

    5 Things Not To Do 1 Month Before FMGE 

    Oct 27 , 2022 Kashika Walia
    Kashika Walia

    No matter how early you start your exam preparation, it is the month before the exam that we put our preparations into the 5th gear. For FMGE aspirants, that time is now.  FMGE is around a month away, and we are sure you are making the most of your time. However, the differenc... Read More

  • Last Week Revision Strategy

    Last Week Revision Strategy For NEET SS 

    Aug 26 , 2022 Kashika Walia
    Kashika Walia

    If you are targeting Pediatrics in the upcoming NEET SS exam 2022, read this. This article outlines last week revision strategy & important must-read Pediatrics topics for the NEET SS exam.  As we all know, the ... Read More