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  • Assam-Meghalaya

    Assam-Meghalaya Border Settlement- UPSC Current Affairs

    Apr 12 , 2022 PrepLadder UPSC
    PrepLadder UPSC

    Today’s edition of the Current Affairs Dialog box will comprise a discussion on Assam-Meghalaya Border Settlement and its relevance from the perspective of the UPSC CSE syllabus. Read the blog to enhance your ... Read More

  • India’s Myanmar challenge

    India’s Myanmar Challenge

    Jan 10 , 2022 Happymon Jacob
    Happymon Jacob

    Associate Professor

    India is faced with a unique challenge in Myanmar, a country that is currently ruled by a junta which took the reins of power in the country in February last year. While India’s policy of ‘least resistance’ towards Myanmar will only further strengthen the hands of the brutal military regime in Naypyidaw, New Delhi may have litt... Read More