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  • INI-CET-2022-Result-out

    INI-CET 2022 Result Announced | Check Your Result Here

    Nov 20 , 2021 Ridhima Arora
    Ridhima Arora

    Content Writer, Poet & a Dentist

    The moment that will determine your future decisions and decide the fates of lakhs of doctors across the country is finally here! The INI-CET 2022 result has been declared, and the PDF displays every candidate’s roll number, catego... Read More

  • INICET Result Out

    INI-CET July 2021 Result Announced

    Jul 26 , 2021 Shweta Taprial
    Shweta Taprial

    Content Manager and an Ardent Learner.

    The INI-CET 2021 result has been declared, putting to rest the nervousness that follows every important exam. The result days mark new beginnings and determine the future decisions, so we know how important this day is for you. INI-CET 2021 was conducted on 22nd July 2021 across th... Read More