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  • Rapid Revision 3.0

    Rapid Revision 3.0 'Perfection Perfected' | Now Live

    Sep 13 , 2021 Shweta Taprial
    Shweta Taprial

    Content Manager and an Ardent Learner.

    It’s here! It’s better than ever! It’s everything you asked for and more. The wait is finally over. PrepLadder's Rapid Revision 3.0 & Snapshot 3.0 is live now! An incredible attempt to take your Medical PG prep... Read More

  • Importance of Making Notes in UPSC Exam Preparation

    Importance of Note-Making in UPSC Preparation

    Jul 16 , 2021 Raminder Singh
    Raminder Singh

    Content Manager and an Avid Reader!

    What is the one thing which Civil Service aspirants never do? The simple answer is, they never forget to make notes when they prepare for the UPSC exams. Efficient and effective CSE preparation has many aspects to it, and the most important one is making notes during the preparatio... Read More