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  • Supreme Court of Great Indian Bustard

    The Supreme Court on Great Indian Bustard 

    Apr 27 , 2022 Neha Sinha
    Neha Sinha

    Conservation Biologist, author and columnist

    The Great Indian Bustard (GIB) is a critically endangered bird that is a flagship species of arid (dry) and semi-arid grasslands. The GIB is known as Godawan in Hindi— and is Rajasthan’s state bird. The GIB has been around for a long time, and it finds mention in the Baburnama. It is uniquely evolved to withstand the hea... Read More

  • Decadal changes in India’s wetlands

    Decadal Changes in India’s Wetlands

    Apr 20 , 2022 Neha Sinha
    Neha Sinha

    Conservation Biologist, author and columnist

    India is often described as a mega biodiverse nation with an abundance of rivers, streams, water and forests. While we have an incredible percentage of the world’s biodiversity, we also have a responsibility to ensure we protect this wealth. Wetlands are considered the world’s most productive ecosystem – they give us food, sequ... Read More

  • India’s emerging geopolitical dilemmas

    India's Emerging Geopolitical Dilemmas

    Apr 18 , 2022 Happymon Jacob
    Happymon Jacob

    Associate Professor

    Contemporary Indian foreign and strategic policy is faced with a number of serious geopolitical dilemmas. Thanks to the Ukraine war and several other geopolitical developments in the immediate region and beyond, New Delhi is in the middle of a geopolitical whirlwind. The choices that our policymakers make and how today they get imple... Read More