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  • oil bonds prepladder

    Oil Bonds- UPSC Current Affairs

    Apr 22 , 2022 PrepLadder IAS
    PrepLadder IAS

    It's time to upgrade your UPSC exam preparation with our daily edition of Current Affairs Dialog box. Today we will talk about a very important topic from the CSE point of view, Oil Bonds. Read the blog to understand the topic in detail and its relevance to UPSC CSE syllabus. ... Read More

  • Sri Lanka Economic crisis

    Sri Lanka Economic Crisis- UPSC Current Affairs

    Apr 13 , 2022 PrepLadder IAS
    PrepLadder IAS

    Today we will talk about the Sri Lanka Economic crisis in our daily edition of the Current Affairs Dialog box. Navigate through the blog to enhance your UPSC exam preparation and also get an idea of the topic’s relevance to the CSE syllabus.  For Prelims: Curren... Read More