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  • India's Patent Report

    India's Patent Report- UPSC Current Affairs

    Apr 27 , 2022 PrepLadder IAS
    PrepLadder IAS

    Here's our today's edition of the Current Affairs Dialog box, wherein we will discuss India's Patent Report in detail. Read further to upgrade your UPSC exam preparation and find the topic's relevance to the UPSC CSE syllabus. For Prelims: About the Report, TRIPS... Read More

  • Population

    Population Composition- NCERT Notes UPSC

    Apr 12 , 2022 PrepLadder IAS
    PrepLadder IAS

    People of any country are diverse in many respects. Each person is unique in her/his own way. People can be distinguished by their age, sex and their place of residence. Some of the other distinguishing attributes of the population are occupation, education and life expectancy. Pop... Read More

  • Crisis in Colombo: Why it matters to India

    The Political Turmoil in Sri Lanka

    Apr 11 , 2022 Happymon Jacob
    Happymon Jacob

    Associate Professor

    Sri Lanka is in the middle of a severe economic and political crisis. The government of Sri Lanka, ruled by the Rajapaksa family, is on the verge of collapse thanks to widespread protests across the country. With daily essentials such as food, fuel, medicine and electricity becoming increasingly scarce in the Island nation in the Sou... Read More