Three Phases your FMGE Preparation must go through

You are sure to ace FMG entrance exam if your preparation goes through these 3 phases.

This is how professional athletes prepare for big tournaments. They train, taper and rest.

Turns out these phases can also be applied when preparing for competitive exams. They just need a little tweaking.

So this is how you can prepare for FMGE like a professional athlete.

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Phase 1: Understand and Learn


This is the initial phase which commences with the feeding data to the brain which means learning the topics in the syllabus. This phase is about enhancing the data storage in your memory.

Understanding and Retention

Go through each and every topic, also the topic that you have already studied before. This will help you clear all the queries you had earlier. Your focus must be on the encouragement of understanding and retention of what you have to learn.

Taking Short Notes

You must take short notes of all the important formulas, theorems, concepts and shortcuts. This will serve as a quick reference and will immensely help in quick revision.

Here’s how to make notes that will help you in the second phase of your preparation.


No matter if you sit for 12 hours a day or 4 hours a day during learning phase, your aim must be to concentrate and get the maximum output from your study hours.

Practice the best method of studying that suits you, be it audio, visual or traditional method of reading from the book, implement the best.


Repetition is a mandatory factor for increasing your scope of retaining things that you study. Let’s discuss about tertiary order of educational theory.

  1. Read:Read the notes and re- read the important topics multiple times to retain the best amount.
  2. Watch:Watch the videos which cover the auditory and visual learning of the topics. This allows you to hold on to the knowledge you’ve acquired.
  3. Solidify:Solve practice questions and mock tests to solidify the topic for yourself. Read detailed solutions of the questions so that you feed it in your memory firmly. Don’t take full length mock tests at this time. Take practice tests or subject wise mock tests. You can take free mock tests by PrepLadder here.


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Phase 2: Simulation

You must start off with Revision and Mock Tests at least 2 months prior to the exam.

Take full length mock tests that duplicate exam like environment. Be as serious while giving these mock tests as you will be for the real exam.

Analyse which subject is taking more time or which subject has less accuracy and then work on that subject. You will see yourself growing with each test. Your aim is to be comfortable with the exam environment before taking the exam so that you don’t stress out or panic.

PrepLadder provides the only mock tests that run on the same software and actually simulates FMGE. Our advanced analytics and customized improvement plan pin point your weak subject so you can work only on that.

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Phase 3: Rest and Relaxation

Simulation phase ends 2 days before the exam. Rest is very important to keep you firm in the competition.

Meditate, go to the gym, meet friends, pet your dog, spend time with family, sleep tight, do whatever that helps you relax.

If you keep up with that exhausting pace, you will burn out.

Be confident about your preparation and on test day, be ready to compete.

All the Best!!

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