Which seat can you get in DNB counseling?

According to National Board DNB is considered equivalent to MD/MS in the same branch.

With passing rates in DNB improving, it makes sense to leave an MD/MS seat for a better DNB branch.

However, a specific MCC rule has caused a lot of dilemma in minds of aspirants.

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The dilemma of DNB counseling:

If a candidate has been allotted a seat in Round 2 and has reported to the institute, he/she cannot participate in any further State/DNB counseling.

However, the candidate can forfeit the R2 seat by not reporting to the institute (and giving away the refundable tuition fee) in order to participate in DNB counseling.

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This has left the candidates in dilemma (since DNB and NEET counseling are not running parallel) on weather they should leave the R2 seat in hand for an opportunity to get a better seat in DNB.


We want you to make an informed decision on whether you should leave your R2 seat for a shot at DNB counseling.

The tool below will help you understand last year’s DNB counseling result.

Since your career is at stake and the branch you choose will stick with you for the rest of your life, we hope you make the best choices for yourself.


*all ranks are DNB ranks which are usually 5% lower than NEET PG rank



We will update you as soon as latest DNB seat matrix is available.

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Fee structure of DNB:

Tuition fees: Rs. 50,000

Library fees: Rs. 10,000

Annual Appraisal fees: Rs. 10,000

Accommodation Charges: Rs. 10,000/-

All amounts reflect per annum fee.

This is the maximum permissible fee. DNB institutes are allowed to charge you less than 80,000 per annum but not more than that.

If your institute does not provide you accommodation, they can charge you max 70,000 per annum.


Stipend structure of DNB:

Year of DNB Training

Stipend (per month)

First Year

Rs. 25,000

Second Year

Rs. 27,000

Third Year

Rs. 29,000

We hope this information helps you to make the best possible choice for yourself.

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