Why Do You Need to Understand the Examiner's Psyche to Better Prepare for NEET 2021?

Mar 03 , 2020

Given below are a few tips that will help you understand the aims and purposes of the exam from an examiner’s point of view. 

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1. Why does one appear for the exams?

The first question that arises is why do we appear for exams?

Exams are an assessment tool and doing thorough revision will help a NEET-PG aspirant to combine their understanding of each subject. Every examiner lays a major emphasis on revision as it plays a major role in one’s exam preparation.

Appearing for exams will give the student the practice they need before appearing for the actual exam. 

2. What are the examiner’s expectations? 

The second question that arises is what the examiner wants? There are NEET-PG exam requires basic understanding, critical thinking, coupled with the smart study. 

3. How well can one demonstrate understanding? 

Thirdly, when looking at things from an examiner’s point of view one must question themselves on how to demonstrate understanding?

This can be done by carefully reading and understanding each question and making sure to answer it correctly.

The best way to prepare for your NEET-PG exam would be to make connections between the topics and then setting your answers in the context of the course. 

4. Why is critical thinking important? 

The fourth thing would be critical thinking.

Most of the examiners are critical thinkers and set an exam while keeping a lot of things in mind. The best thing to do would be to question yourself while studying and answering it yourself.

Brainstorm about each and every topic that you study. Make sure to use all that you’ve studied as a tool to support your answers.

It’s time to build your NEET-PG exam preparation around critical thinking and not just taking things just as you’ve been told or read. 

Building your NEET-PG exam preparation from an examiner’s point of view will help an aspirant to: 

a) Execute your bookish learning:

Execution of all the concepts that you have learned is done by building connections between the topics, thus improving your understanding of the subjects.


b) Testing your exam preparation: 

Testing your NEET-PG exam preparation by practicing writing timed mock exams. This will help you build your accuracy for the final exam day.  


c) Reading the question properly

The first and foremost mistake that NEET-PG aspirants make is that they do not read the question properly. 

Yes, time is a restraint in the NEET-PG exam but the best thing to do would be to build your speed and accuracy by giving a lot of mock tests which will help you to do well on the final day. The majority of the examiners complain about students not reading the questions properly before answering them. 

Do not get used to the way the NEET-PG exam questions are framed. 


d) Question yourself

The best to check your NEET-PG exam preparation would be to test yourself by taking quizzes or writing multiple mock tests before your actual exam. This would help to refresh your memory and giving a fun element to learning.


e) Make mnemonics for learning 

Using code words for learning has served purposeful as they help an individual to understand the concepts in a better way. This method of learning will help a NEET-PG aspirant to grasp the concepts in a better manner. 


f) Take good notes

The majority of the examiners would suggest NEET-PG aspirants follow a single help book and build good notes out of that. This would be beneficial for the student when they do their final revision. 

Make sure to revise all that you have studied as this is what will help you to retain the topic till the final day of your NEET-PG exam. Make the most of your time and build your exam preparation from an examiner’s mind. 

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